Ep. 126: Goddesses, Pirates, and Unobtainable Toys


We were once all kids right? If you weren't that's kind weird, but we sure were, and not afraid to admit it. As kids we also played with toys. It always seemed like there was a new toy for every new TV show, cartoon, or movie. That only meant that there was going to be new toys to buy and fill our room and keep it a mess. The worst part was always that one toy that was sooooo grand and expensive that our parents would never get it for us. In this episodes "Retro Roundtable" we remember a few of those gems we never had.


Richard Rivera joins us again this episode. The is one of the amazing comic writers from Think Alike Productions. Richard gave us the opportunity to check out the newest comics series he has been working on call "Storm Pirates". It's about a kid named Blaze and his scientist grand father. They travel around the ocean in a giant submersible along with a few other special friends exploring. In the first issue Blazes grandfather fires up a contraption that take the power out of storms. But something strange happens one day when they use it and end up trapping something.

The comic will be in color, as a matter of fact it should be sent off to the colorist as we speak and getting colored now. It was a pretty good read, it ends on a cliffhanger of coarse, so we're excited to see what happens. We really can't wait to see this book after it's complete.

Next up we caught up with our friend Sean Forney. He currently has a Kickstarter going on until Junes 7th. His project is called "Geeky Goddesses: The Pin-up Art of Sean Forney". Geeky Goddesses: The Pin-up Art of Sean Forney is an art book three years in the making. Sean worked with various models in the mid-west (mainly Ohio) to bring together a themed book full of pin-up drawings. All art is completed with pencils, inks, and digital colors by comic artist Sean Forney. The book shows a variety of progression images with brainstorming, sketches, and line work, leading up to a finished rendered image. There are also head shots and bios for each of the models used within the book.

aaaaaand it's link time:

Sean Forney - Website


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