Ep. 127: A Talk With Spiderman

Captain American: Civil War came out this weekend. With it also came the newest rendition of the famous wall crawler Spiderman. This time they finally got him right thanks to Marvel. But until now the best version of Spiderman out there was from the Spiderman animated series from the 90's.

There can be now question that this series was the best. So we decided to make a special bonus episode in celebration of Spidey and get an interview with the second longest voice portrayal of the "Webhead".

That's right, we sat down and spent some time with Christopher Daniel Barnes about his run as the voice of Peter Paker/Spiderman and some of the other roles he has voiced. Some of you may better know him as Eric from "The Little Mermaid" but others might remember him as Greg Brady in the "Brady Bunch Movie" and "A Very Brady Sequel".

Other than doing voice work now, Chris keeps busy doing some writing of his own. He has written many short stories, one of which is on Amazon. He did mention he may create a website and just have his stuff up to read. He did warn us though, it is some pretty dark stuff. That just made us want to read it more!

Chris is also part of a new project on Indiegogo.com in which the creator of the Spiderman animated series is trying to put together a new series called "War of the Rocketmen". The series will contain the cast that worked of the Spiderman series. Here is a rundown of the "war of the Rocketmen":

"During World War II, they were a secret squadron protecting the skies of America from spies, saboteurs and other agents of destruction. They employed a top secret technology that allowed a man to defy gravity with the aid of a futuristic jetpack. They were the ROCKETMEN, and theirs was a battle that no history book has yet to record. But when a band of fliers armed with a similar Nazi technology threatens to invade the U.S.A., a secret war ensues that threatens freedom and democracy. And as airmen take to the skies to stage this battle of the millennium, thus begins the...WAR OF THE ROCKETMEN!"

Being a huge fan the "The Rocketeer", we're totally sold. Listen to the episode and hear more of what we talked about. Chris was an amazing guy to talk to. We thank him deeply.

Here are a few links:

Chris Barnes - twitter

War of the Rocketmen - website

Indigogo - campaign

Chris' short story - Amazon

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