Ep. 131: Mutants and Sara

In honor of 'X-Men: Apocalypse', we felt it would be prudent of us to take a look at some of the mutants we have come to love through the years in our 'Retro Roundtable'. Now just because the movie came out doesn't mean we are only looking at Marvel X-Men type mutants, but just mutants in general. What we came up with was a pretty eccentric menagerie of freaks and heroes.

Our guest on this episode is Emilio Rodriguez of Tres Calaveras Studios. He gave us the first two issues of his comic Sara Rising. This book is about a rogue alien who lands on earth and runs into a young girl which ends up wielding an adaptive bio weapon that is wanted by another group of aliens. We don't even want to talk about Sara's manager, can you say HR issue?

This series is terrific. When reading, it feels like your sitting there watching an old 90's cartoon. You know, back when cartoons were good! The panel layout is perfect. There isn't a point while reading that you don't know exactly what going on. The images direction during action sequences are perfect.

Three issues are currently up for sale on their website. Hurry and pick these up so your ready for the next one! Emilio says the series can go about 25 - 30 issues. Looks to be a great run.

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