Ep. 132: GWAN

Say you accidentally fell into a cryogenic time capsule while delivering a bogus pizza order and wake up 1000 years later. What do you think the world would be like? Shoot, would we even exist anymore? See where I'm going here? On this weeks Episode, we use our 'Retro Roundtable' to travel to the past and talk about the show that took place in the future, 'Futurama'. It is a pity it only lasted 10 seasons. Not 10 consecutive seasons though. I don't think there has ever been a show that was cancelled, then picked back up on another network, then continued on without missing a beat. It was just as good as when it left. Thank god for Netflix so we can always go relive this amazingly funny show.

Our guest this episode hasn't been on for about 100 episodes. Wow, it's crazy that we can even say that! Jerome Walford of Forward Comix hung out with us to talk about 'Futurama and some other comics that we have been reading. He is the creator of the series 'Nowhere Man' and has submitted a few stories in the 'Earth Dream' comics from 7 Robots. He has been around the show quite a bit. But this episode we talked about his comic 'Gwan Anthology'. This comic recently finished up as a Kickstarter campaign and was hugely successful.

What is Gwan about?

Gwan, the anthology which highlights and celebrates comic creators who produce work with a sense of the immigrant/expat perspective, expressing both the joys and challenges of such a journey. The anthology includes short stories spanning a variety of genres: sci-fi, fantasy historical fiction, and slice of life.

Gwan (g’waan) is a common word in Jamaican patois and the Caribbean vernacular, yet also has roots in the Irish language. Although, this word is usually translated to “go on” and sometimes “get out”, gwan has a myriad of uses. Its meaning can change depending on the context and is more commonly used in conversation between close friends ie. “A watta gwan (What’s going on/How are you doing?)” or “Gwan rude boy (Show us what you got, hot stuff)”

It is within this vein of layered meaning and switching contexts, that immigrants and their children must strive, adapt and overcome, creating their own spaces and identities. The Gwan Anthology will be a collection that attempts to weave a common thread through shared stories. A place where independent creators can showcase their talents.

This is a gorgeous book. Besure to check out all of Jeromes other work. Here are some links:

Forward Comix




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