Ep. 135: Bloody Mary's with Devin Ratray

We have another special guest for this episode. We all hated him when we were younger. We all may have had someone like him in our family. Maybe you could say we loved to hate him. Our guest is Devin Ratray. We all remember his as Kevin's mean older brother Buzz in the ever so memorable movies 'Home Alone' and 'Home Alone 2'.

Devin took some time while on a date to chat with us. That's right, he was on a date and talked to us! She was a good sport about it and hung out with him for the interview. You could almost say we talked in a bar while drinking Bloody Mary's. Well, at least he was, we were just hanging out in the studio while they chilled at the bar drinking, lol. We got to find out how he got into acting and before that, the band he used to be a part of.

Devin has been in many other roles since then. A few of his other movies include 'Blue Ruin', 'Nebraska', 'Elevator', and 'R.I.P.D.'. He has also been in many T.V. shows including 'The Good Wife', 'Person of Interest', 'Elementary', and also 'Agent Carter'. Fun fact: His character in 'Agent Carter' is actually a documented character. He is immortalized in a Marvel trading card as Sheldon McFee. How amazing is that to be a Marvel character!!

We were also given some exclusive news about the most recent project he has been working on. The movie is called 'Mosaic'. It will be an HBO movie. Directed by Steven Soderbergh (Magic Mike, Oceans Eleven, Erin Brockovich). The movie is kinda hard to explain in terms of how it is going to be presented. It is a crime drama, but it will be released in the perspective of all the characters in the story. Say you see Devin's character at a crime scene doing his detective work. In the background you see Sharon Stone (yup, she's in it too!) running in the background. Well, you will be able to watch the movie in the perspective of her character if you choose and see where the story goes. Very intriguing to say the least.

'Mosaic' is in post production now and will be released sometime in 2017. We can't wait to see how the whole thing works. Until then, check out our interview. We didn't tell you everything in this blog. There is still tons of other stuff we talked and laughed about. Devin was a real treat to talk to.

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