Ep. 136: Black of Hearts and FPS's

Back in the mid 90's the next best thing in video game came out. The first person shooter. Tow games immediately come to mind, names of 'Wolfenstein', 'DOOM', and not to far behind them 'Quake'. Never before had there been a heart pounding adventure game like these in which your perspective came from the main character. This is the theme of this episodes 'Retro Roundtable'. Awesomely enough we have had recent remakes of 'Wolfenstein' and 'DOOM'. "Wolfenstein' wasn't as much of a success as 'DOOM' has become. My god that game is gorgeous.

We also took a look back at some other great FPS's as well as a Chex Cereal game name of 'Chex Quest'. We were hopeful to find a cool flash version of this 'DOOM' clone, but none were available. There are however, links to download and play said game.

Our guests this episode are Eric Adams and Chris Charlton the creators of the grafic novel 'Black of Heart'. This is a beautiful take on old noir stories. The artwork is like none other than we have seen before. The faces and eyes in the art is extremely haunting. Eric and Chris recently had a Kickstarter running which was extremely successful to release a hardback book.

Here is a rundown of the story:

"Set against the backdrop of 1949 New York City, Detective Drake Harper searches for a serial killer known as "The Vulture" while battling his own personal demons as his life falls to pieces. With the fluid writing style of Chris Charlton nothing is held back in this "Adults Only" graphic novel featuring the surrealistic mixed media art style of David Hollenbach.

Color plays an interesting role in the storytelling of BLACK OF HEART, starting with a base black & white with only splashes of prime colors in the first chapter. As the mysteries unfold throughout the series, the artwork reflects these changes, introducing more and more saturation right up to the heart-stopping, full-color conclusion!"

And now some links:

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