Adult Swim Meets with Jack Montgomery

Some may think cartoons are only for children. Those of you are sorely mistaken. Sure there are many shows out there that are for little kids. The good ones have humor or undertones which adults would understand that may go way over the heads of the kids. Those shows are the ones that seem to almost stay around for awhile. Then there are the show in which the visuals are cute and fun for kids, but the content is straight up made for the older audiences. This is where our 'Retro Roundtable' brings us for this episode. We take a look back at the great shows from Cartoon Network and their nighttime adult programming of Adult Swim.

Next up is our guest for the episode. Artist Jack Montgomery joined us to talk about his series 'Sanguine Knights'. This is an awesome book! Any lovers of vampires needs to pick this up and get to reading. Talking place in a post apocalyptic world in which Vampires are the dominate species.

Here's the story:

Visit the world after the vampire apocalypse, humanity is pushed to extinction living high in the mountains in secluded outposts. Vampires stalk the wastes. Both races near a critical point, both are fighting for survival.

Do not miss this title!

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