Ep. 139: The Man Behind SquiggleVision

Remember that weird cartoon about a therapist with the squiggly animation? This episode we got to talk to the man behind that show and many other endeavors. That's right! Tom Snyder, co-creator of the hit Comedy Central cartoon 'Dr. Katz Professional Therapist'. Tom also created the very first 'Adult Swim' cartoon 'Home Movies', and the ABC educational cartoon 'Science Court'. Each show was animated using SquiggleVision, an animation style Tom himself invented. He tells us about how he got his start in writing and animation, his day making educational software, and even how he influenced some of the lyrics to The Beatles 'Come Together'. He is also the creator of the audio musical 'Is Anyone All Right'. What's that? An audio musical? That's right, the first ever musical in audio format. We got to listen to it an it was very fun to hear. Pretty good songs in it. Wanna know what its about?

"Five 20-somethings are living in a small college town. They are: a fifth-grade teacher convinced he has elbow cancer, a bartender with a too-big heart and a too-short leg, a wannabe cop with a portable police scanner, a Spanish bookworm who fears he is way too conventional, and a natural beauty on an intellectual quest to predict the past.One way or another, they all end up at a great little pub (with no customers).One way or another, they all wonder if anything is more or less all right. Who among us doesn't?"

Check it out on audible.com

We had an amazing time talking with Tom and you'll have an amazing time listening to us as we do.

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