Ep. 141: Those Shadow People

When most of us got home from school when we were kids in the 90's, we had these things call cartoons to watch. Believe it or not they were on all the local TV channels and ran from about 2PM to 5PM. They were pretty much our babysitters until our parents got home. Nothing like this really exists anymore. Sure there in Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. But the programming just isn't anything close to what any of these show were. Saturday morning was chock full of cartoons from 6AM to Noon. In this episodes Retro Roundtable we look back at some of the shows we couldn't wait to get off the bus and get home to see.

Our guests this episode are comic/ musical artists Phil Buck and Tim Santos this week to talk about their weekly web comic 'Those Shadow People'. What is Those Shadow People? Here is their description:

"Those Shadow People is a project that encompasses a story told through music and comic books about a struggle between our world and an alternate reality known as the Shadow Realm. There are forces of good and evil at work in both worlds. There are many mysteries behind the origins of the Shadow Realm and its inhabitants. Who are Those Shadow People?"

A weekly web comic with a musical track written for the comic, or possibly vice- versa. This is how every comic should be read. Go to their website and check them out. the music great and so is the artwork. You can also buy the comics which come with the music.

Here are the links:

Those Shadow People

Their newest album



Nematode Records


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