Ep. 142: Remebering John Hughes

This month is the anniversary of one of the deaths of one of the greatest movies creators of all time, John Hughes. If you don't know who he is, I guarantee you have seen one of his movies. Though they were "movies" they may have depicted real life better than any of the films we see made today. To honor John Hughes, we dedicated this episodes 'Retro Roundtable" to him and his works of greatness.

Our guest the week are the creators of the comic series 'Shquirat' (shkwee-rat). We met Kyle at S.P.A.C.E. Con earlier this year. What is Shquirat? Well, Shquirat is a quarterly comic of stand alone and loosely serialized short stories spearheaded by Kyle J. Osborne, Shep Dogwood, and Marcus Pavilonis. They currently have a Patreon up and running hoping to contribute to the growth of the cartoonist community by showcasing artists they love through critique, and collaboration. Check em' out!

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