Ep. 143: Robin Williams and Souls Eternal

It was two years ago that we were prepping for our next episode when we were slammed with the new that Robin Williams had passed away. The episode turned out to be a good one. But it still had a sense of loss hidden inside it. This episodes 'Retro Roundtable' we celebrate the man who has brought us laughter, joy, and even sadness from all the amazing performances he had brought us all our lives.

Any lover of Manga or Anime is going to enjoy this book. Creators Bohdan Neswiacheny and Rob Torres joined us this week to talk about their comic 'Souls Eternal'. Just reading this you can see that both creators are giant fans of Anime and video games. It was great seeing the super exaggerated expressions and reactions of some of the characters, just like in Anime movies/shows. The action is terrific as well. fight scenes don't take place in just a few panels, but multiple pages. Want to here the premise of the story? Here it is:

"Strange things are happening in the Japanese city of Izanami. Monstrous creatures are haunting the woods and countryside. But four extraordinary friends have risen up to face the darkness. Kelly, David, Emma, and Jade fight to discover the truth behind the evil that stands ready to destroy their world."

Three books in the arc are planned and will wrap up in the third. The artwork for book 2 is complete. Now we just have to wait for it to be finished. If you would like to buy a copy, hit up for local comic shop, they will find it in Diamond Publishing and will be on comixology soon.

Here are a bunch of links:

hashtagstudios.com @RobTorresPS @Bneswiacheny @HashtagStudios

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