Ep. 144: Zordon Returns With The Order

This episode welcome David J. Fielding (Zordon/ MMPR) back to the show to talk about ‘The Order’, a movie from the minds of Karan Ashley (Yellow Ranger/ Aisha) and David himself! This movie reunites many of your favorite rangers, including Austin St. John, Walter Jones, David Yost, Jonny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, David Fielding, Paul Schreib, Azim Rizik, Jason Faunt, Erin Cahill, Deborah Philips, Daniel Southworth, Blake Foster, Nakia Burrise, Hilary Shepherd, Yoshi Sudarso, and the list keeps going! It is an action packed movie that follows a covert group of vigilantes who have dedicated their lives to eliminating violent threats and imminent disasters. Their one focus is to fight to keep humanity safe from complete societal breakdown and maintain world order. Make sure you check out the trailer to this movie! We also look back at the comic movies of 2016 that entertained us, and the movies that missed their mark, in this weeks 'Retro Roundtable'.

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