Ep. 147: Casefile: Arkham "Her Blood Runs Cold"

You all know them and most likely love them. The four kids from South Park, Colorado. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman have been in our lives for just over 19 years, as a matter of fact, their 20th season has just kicked off. We sit back and talk about South Park and how revolutionary the show has become as well as divulge our favorite episodes in this weeks 'Retro Roundtable'.

Next up we invited Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy, the creator of the graphic novel Casefile: Arkham. This is their second book which takes place in the world created by H.P. Lovecraft. It is currently running on Kickstarter until Sept 24, and is at 117%. It'sa ll about the stretch goals right now. A quick run down to the story behind Casefile: Arkham "Her Blood Runs Cold":

"Detective Hank Flynn returns for another case that will lead him into the darkest corners of Lovecraft’s most cursed city—Arkham, Massachusetts. When an old friend shows up at Flynn’s office waving a gun and rambling about “the Abyss of the Shoggoths,” the detective is pulled into a case of love, revenge, and an elite family's generational feud—one which just so happens to involve a cult that has interbred with the spawn of a Sumerian God."

Lot's of great rewards and add-ons, and even greater stretch goals, there's still time! Go donate while there is still time!


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