Ep. 148: Bad Hero Flix and Stabittty Bunnies

We have herd that the comic book hero movie movement is going to hit an end soon. But is it really? Sure, since Ironman came out, there has been a new movie or two released each year. But, if you look back there have actually been tons of them. Though most of the movies are utterly complete pieces of crap. Which brings us to this episodes 'Retro Roundtable'. We found a list of the worst Hero movies ever made. Luckily there were some that we had never seen, though we may subject ourselves to the pain and anguish. Take for instance 'Nick Fury: Agent of Shield'. Never even knew this came out. Just knowing that David Hasselhoff is in it screams steaming pile of crap. Also, how bad is it that there hasn't been a good Fantastic Four movie, THERE HAS BEEN FOUR MOVIES AND NOT ONE WAS GOOD!

Richard Rivera joins us to talk about the upcoming issue of Stabbity Bunny #4. Stabbity Bunny focuses of Grace Lee, a seven-year-old girl destined for incredible things, and Stabbity Bunny, a plush rabbit that has been passed down within the family for nearly 100 years.

We find our heroes in peril, and as the story progresses, it quickly turns from dangerous to deadly. We glimpse clues that the Lee family has startling secrets, and Stabbity may be much more than he seems. An evil scheme that has been underway for hundreds of years is moving into its final stages. Grace is targeted, and it will take all her bravery, kindness and smarts to survive. Fortunately, she has Stabbity and a host of unlikely heroes who will set aside their hedge clippers and cookbooks to prove everyday people still matter, even in a modern world filled with impossible choices. Watch for the Stabbity Bunny Trade Kickstarter, starting October 3.

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