Ep. 150: What Stranger Things Reminds Us Of

This weeks Episode is brought to you in thanks of the incredible Netflix series Stranger Things. Without this blast from the past show, we may not have ever brought up the topic for our Retro Roundtable. 80's adventure movies. You know, any movies from the 80's that was about a group of kids that because of curiosity, got into some terrific shenanigans. The Goonies and Stand By Me are just a tiny look into the greatest movies of this genre.

We welcome Frank Mula of Aces and Eights Press back to the show to discuss his new comic, 'Fallstreak'! When monsters fall from the sky in a phenomenon known as 'cloud-emptying,' a group of teenagers investigate the government cover-up and accidentally unleash an ancient evil into the world. This was one hell of a good read and we strongly recommend checking it out! Sign up for the Aces and Eights Press newsletter and get access to the comic..for FREE!

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