Ep. 151: Sancta Sanctorum and Wolverine

New York Comic Con has come and gone once again. And with it lots of news about the things that keep us happy and extremely nerdy. One thing in particular is worth talking about in our Retro Round-table. The poster for the final Wolverine movie? Whether or not it is the last, we all got chills seeing the child's hand holding the wild clawed hands of shall we say, everyone's favorite X-man? Now the hard part, waiting until the movie come out.

Our guest this episode joins us all the way from Italy. Gilbert Gallo has just kicked off an indieGoGo campaign for his graphic novel Sancta Sanctorum.

"Sancta Sanctorum is a new urban fantasy comic set in an alternate/dystopic present Earth where the Saints themselves (the "original" Saint Nicholas, Saint Augustine himself etc.) awoke from the Holy Relics to fight against the swarming Demons from hell.

Inspired by “The Preacher”, “American Gods”, “Hellblazer”, the "Da Vinci Code", the “Dogma” movie and the "Saint Seiya" manga, this graphic novel faces strong themes like faith, religion and gives a new, modern, fast and furious view of some of the most important heroes in human history: the Saints."

IndiGoGo Campaign Santca Sanctorum Website Facebook @SSanctorvm @GilbertKGallo @DanieleSolfrini @micheledaloisio

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