Ep. 152: Gwan Anthology and the Wealthy

The wealthy are usually looked at

upon the poor as evil sticklers that are only ever concerned about themselves and their riches. But some of stand out and are loved by all. Some are orphaned children who came into money from their parents death. Which end up doing good dressed as a bat. Some made their money selling weapons then were enlightened and chose to do good. Some are talking ducks that are greedy, but for some reason we end up loving them. Maybe cause they are a cartoon from a franchise that pretty much owns the world. Come to think of it, maybe we were payed off to love him? Anyways, our Retro Roundtable this episode we sit and talk about all our from characters from literature, TV, comics, and movies. Lots of laughs in this segment.

We welcome comic creators Jerome Walford of ForwardComix.com, Miguel Guerra of 7Robots.com and Jaques Nyemb of NotSoSuperComics.com to talk about the Gwan Anthology, now available at ForwardComix.com, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The Gwan Anthology is a collection of creator-owned short stories, centered around themes of foreign lands, the immigrant experience and cultural fusion.

The overall goal for this anthology is to highlight and celebrate comic creators who produce work with a sense of the immigrant/expat perspective, expressing both the joys and challenges of such a journey. The anthology is open to any genre: sci-fi, fantasy or slice of life; open to both real and imagined experiences. This anthology is a beautiful work of art and a title you won’t want to miss out on!

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