Ep. 153: Happy Halloween Canned Air!

Happy Halloween all of you crazy heathens out there! We are back once again this year to share some creepy stories and to also bring you some special guests that go along with this theme of Halloween.

To start the show, we begin with some stories to put you in the mood of the spooky holiday. This being the first Halloween Jake has spent with us, he tells us a story of a dream he had a long time ago which ended up with someone screaming in his ear. Or so he thought. Jack takes a stab at telling a well known (to some) Creepy Pasta about a Russian sleep experiment. Next up, Jake shares a very believable chat thread about a disturbing kids TV show called 'Candle Cove'. Finally, Jeramy shares with us a book about the supernatural experiences of the Akroid family.

Next up author Nicole Cushing joins us to talk about her prose novella called 'The Sadist's Bible'. Nicole has just recently finished up her Kickstarter campaign which was a success. A taste of what this book is about: "Thirty-seven year old Ellie Blake is about to find out. Her Bible Belt community wouldn’t dare accept her if she came out as a lesbian. Her husband, her pastor, and her neighbors would be scandalized by such a disclosure. But Ellie’s desire for another woman’s intimate touch grows stronger with each passing day, as does her desire to be dominant – to tell another woman just how to please her, to tie up another woman so that she’ll never, ever leave. Ashamed of these feelings and hopeless of ever satisfying them, Ellie goes to a secret group on a social network and seeks out a partner for a suicide pact. There, she finds twenty-four year old Lori Morris–a woman who also claims devotion to death and lust. She agrees to meet Ellie in a hotel for an intense night of decadent sex and torture before suicide. But Lori has another agenda, too: to escape an oppressive force that might be God or might be the Devil. A force that even suicide may not allow her to escape. A force that wants Lori, Ellie, and all of humanity broken and brought to its knees."

Check out more of Nicole's work at NicoleCushing.com and other awesome work over at 01publishing.com


Our last guest brought us back to our childhood. Robin Shelby was the body that helped bring us Slimer from Ghostbusters 2. Believe it! Slimer wasn't actually a hand puppet! Robin tells us about how she got into acting, what it took to bring Slimer to life, and enlightened us about some scenes that never made it to the big screen. Robin also tells us about another project called 'Cleaning Up the Town: Remebering the Ghostbusters' that she has been a part of which is a documentary filled with interviews with just about everyone that was a part of the Ghostbusters movies. Definitely something we all would LOVE to see. To see more of the stuff Robin is up to, go to RobinShelby.net


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