Ep. 155: Sidekicks and The Tick

We all love our heroes, but some of those heroes we have realized would really be nothing without their counter parts, or sidekicks. In this episodes 'Retro Roundtable' we take a look back and think about some of the best and also the worst sidekicks out there. There were some characters that we realized could actually be considered a sidekick.

Our guest this week has a ton of stuff to check out. He is currently the writer for a small comic series some people may know. A call The Tick! That's right, the big blue guy. Jeff joins us to talk about how he came to be the new series writer and tell us when the next one is coming out (it's coming out soon)! Not only is writing that series, but he also has a few more things going on. See below for more.

Check out all his links:

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HONCHO: Fifteen years after World War III, Captain Stanley returns to America on a mission to reunite a fractured nation...and play baseball?

See a preview click me!

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EAT IT: Weird Al (Zombie) origin tale.

You read that right, you favorite music parody artist as a zombie!

Read it! click here!

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