Ep. 156: FPS's and MikeMano!

Anyone ever played any of these? NO? Whats wrong with you! Wanna hear about em? Check out this episode. In this weeks 'Retro Roudtable' we talk about some of our favorite FPS's. One game we talk about wasn't a first person shooters but who cares, it's still a shooter!

We are joined this week by illustrator Michael Manomivibul. Michael is a freelance illustrator whose work thrives on mystery and atmosphere. He’s been known to work on books about spooky beings and grand adventure. He has also worked in visual development for games and publishing.

Michael joins us to talk about his book ‘FATHOMS: The Art of Michael Manomivibul’. This book is an art book collecting the best of Michael’s work from 2009 to the present, and if you ask us, it’s nothing short of gorgeous! Go to MikeManoArt.com to check Michael’s illustrations and find out more about this amazing artist. You’ll be glad you did!


Twitter: @MikeManoArt

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