Ep. 158: The Art of Izik Bell

Who does love a good war movie. Something about the mass of guns and bullets. Maybe no so much all the death. But we do love em. This episodes 'Retro Roundtable' we talk about some of our favorite war movies and talk about what really makes a 'good' one.

We welcome illustrator Izik Bell to discuss his art style and inspirations, the many projects he's been a part of, and his trademark horror playing cards. Izik quickly made a name for himself in the indie world with a dark, surreal and highly detailed line style. Specializing in sequential art for comic books, concept illustration and character design, he has already amassed experience in the field with work on several small press novels and comic books including Earthling, Adam Zero, Sniper and Rook, Anna Hyde in Jekyll park and many others.

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Sick around for the end of the episode where we added a new addition to the show. We recenlty came across this new band, 'Hail Sagan'. We added one of their songs to the end of the show to help give them a little more exposure. They freakin rock! Check em out!




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