Ep. 162: "Canned Air Classics" An Interview with Yvonne Craig

Well folks, 2016 is just about over. And though it was a good year for us here at Canned Air, we also had to say our good-byes to some very talented celebrities. These are people who inspired us and gave us some of the best entertainment we'll ever know. Thanks for all of the memories and may you all rest in peace.

Instead of talking about everyone we've lost in 2016, this week we

decide to replay one of our favorite interviews with someone the world lost in 2015. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Yvonne Craig for our 2014 Christmas episode. She was an absolute pleasure to talk with and made us, a bunch of fan boys, feel so very comfortable. So be sure to listen and find out how funny, outspoken, and charming Yvonne really was.

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