Ep. 164: Stellar Detectives and Powers

With all of the superheroes out there come a plethora of super powers. Ever sit back and wonder which one you would like to have? Maybe even wonder what you would do with said power? Of course you have. Who hasn't? In this episodes ‘Retro Roundtable’, we do just that! We discuss what we’d do with our new found power, the cons of actually being able to fly, and the logistics behind a new super power that is brought to the table. Don’t miss this one!

Remember these guys? Well if you have been listening religiously from the beginning you would. But we aren't gonna talk about them. Instead we talk to their creator. Scott Markley returns to talk about his new book, 'Stellar Detective Tales: The Hunt for the Living Shadow'. For sale on Amazon.

"In the year 2073, Earth, suffering from overcrowding, energy shortages, and planetary disaster, sent 8 million people aboard a colony ship towards Proxima Beta, the nearest habitable planet. For 100 years this ship, the NEW YORK, better known to its inhabitants as ‘The NAWK’, has traveled in relative peace. But with 900 years to go, cracks are beginning to form in the perfect society. It is into the warm pot Detective Leslie Flynt finds himself thrust into the life of Officer Samuel Teegs, becoming a member of the thin blue line in a century he’s never even imagined."

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