Ep. 165: Nickelodeon n' Rebecca, BFF's

We all know how it goes. Nick, nick, nick, nick, nick, nick, Nickelodeon! Whether you watched in passing or were raised by it, Nickelodeon’s shows in the 90’s were some of the best shows of all time. We think, lol. In this week’s ‘Retro Roundtable’, we remember shows like ‘Doug', 'Clarissa Explains It All', 'Salute Your Shorts', and many more. So be sure to tune in, and get ready for a memory jog!

This week Rebecca Mayar of RebeccasComics.com joins us to talk about her comics 'Ham of God', 'Wall', and 'Scratchy Cat & Pookie'.

'Ham of God', or 'HoG', is a comedy/drama about an unlucky pig named Ham. It's a little dark, so if that's your type of humor you should check it out. 'Scratchy Cat & Pookie' is about two guys who work in radio and get into shenanigans. 'Wall' is a horror comic. It's main character is a young woman who is dealing with strange occurrences all around her. An array of stories that will satisfy any reading mood you should be in! Also don't forget to check out her Etsy page for other cool stuff!

RebeccasComics.com Patron.com/RebeccasComics @RebeccaTheBuzz

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