Ep. 166: Wrastling the Eventide

When we were kids, after Saturday Morning Cartoons, there was a show full of amazing, larger than life warriors. Every week they would run down the aisle, enter the ring, and beat the crap out of each other! It was GREAT! Of course we're talking about Wrastlin, er, Wrestling. The sport has certainly changed a lot since we were young. Maybe we're too old to remember, but back then, it didn't seem like there was nearly as much drama as there is today. And how about the marketing? Of all of the different toys, video games, and apparel thats available, even the pickiest of WWE fans will be satisfied. Come listen to this weeks 'Retro Roundtable' and get nostalgic with us!

Our friends from the UK, Nick Goode, Harry Hughes, and Luke Barnes join us to discuss their new graphic novel 'The Eventide: Snow Chronicles', available February 22nd. This book will contain five stories which provide a deeper look into the Snow Universe. Head over to SnowTheUniverse.WordPress.com to check out more about 'Snow:The Dawn' and 'The Eventide: Snow Chronicles'.




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