Ep. 167: Holmes and Bots

Ever since moving picture shows have been around, they have been too. Possibly even before 'video', like in literature. We're talking about metal beings usually made to serve us. Most times they go bad and fight against us. No matter, we seem to keep the infatuation with them. Yes, as you can see in the image to the left, we are talking about Robots.

Good, bad, large small, we can't get enough. We all want our own. This weeks 'Retro Roundtable' we talk about our favorites. Click the image to get a better look. It's actually quite cool.

Do you love detective stories? So do we, and do we have a good one for you this week. We welcome writer Michael Lent to talk about his comic ‘I, Holmes’.

"Everyone has a secret. Her secret can get her killed, and she doesn't even know what it is."

This detective thriller is a comic you won’t want to miss. Check it out!



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