Ep. 176: Wizard World Cleveland

Greetings from Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con 2017! We record this week’s episode in its entirety at the convention as we enjoy and cover the event. We

start by sharing our favorite parts of the convention, as well as our favorite cosplayers before Jack cracks open his Comic Con Mystery Box. Ever wonder what those huge, question mark boxes hold? Wonder no more!

After that, we take a trip down Artist Alley to check out some new independent comics! We start with Jake’s interview with JM Dragunas about his comic The Sires

of Time, followed by Jeramy’s interview with Greg Wright of Source Point Press to talk about some of the new comics that have been released since Greg last joined us on the show. Be sure to check out the amazing work from both of these artists by following the links below!

Then we cut over to a couple of panels we got with some amazing actors. First, we bring you a Q&A Panel with Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven from Stranger Things!

Then after that panel, we bring you another Q&A with The Falcon himself, Anthony Mackie!

Both of these amazing talents answer so many questions from fans that any curiosities you may have will certainly be answered! Don’t miss it. Then before we sign off, we welcome the Game Fix podcast as they finished their panel to see how it went, as well as see what their favorite parts of the convention were.

If you couldn’t make it to the con, then come on in and experience it with us! There will be video coverage of the interviews and panels in this episode released soon. Be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel in the days following the release of this episode.











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