Ep. 183: Dennis and Pickels?

We dedicate this week’s episode to the funny pages of the newspaper as we talk about comic strips! We welcome comic and animation historian Mark Arnold to the show to first discuss all of our favorite comic strips in our Retro Roundtable. What television shows and movies spawned from comic strips? Why haven’t some strips ever made it to the screen? Why do they call it “Peanuts”? The answers to these questions and more await you!

Then we turn our attention to Mark and discuss his new book, Pocket Full of Dennis the Menace. Mark shares many facts about the history of Dennis the Menace that many of us don’t know. For instance, do you know how Dennis the Menace was created, or hat there’s a UK version of Dennis? Listen as we scratch the surface of the content in Pocket Full of Dennis the Menace. Be sure to grab your copy at Bear Manor Media.



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