Ep. 187: Kevin Smith, View Askew & Staunch Ambition

Snooch to the Nooch! We welcome comic creator Brian Lau to the show this week to first help us pay tribute to Kevin Smith, his movies, and anything View Askew related in our Retro Roundtable. On top of making some awesome films, Kevin helped usher the comic world into the mainstream, as well as the podcasting world with all the pods at Smodcast.com. Whether you're a die hard fan or a casual fan, you won't want to miss this episode!

Then we turn our attention over to Brian to talk about his comic Staunch Ambition. Out of the enlightenment, both science and technology are born anew. As mankind continues to advance in scientific knowledge, breakthrough upon breakthrough compound, exponentially. Through this new technology, mankind is able to transcend its physical limitations by passing through the thought dimension and entering the supernatural. This is a gorgeous comic you won't want to miss. Head over to StaunchAmbition.com to find out more. Snoogans!

Brian Lau



Kevin Smith






Ryan Little


Staunch Ambition Theme” and “Take Another Chance”

Elements of Kadence


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