Ep. 188: Heroines and Italianos

In honor of Wonder Woman’s release in theaters, we remember the bravest and boldest female heroes, who have far more guts than we’ll ever have. What are some of your favorite women heroes in pop culture? Let us know via Twitter!

Next we turn our attention to Mike to talk about Italiano, his comic running on Kickstarter until June 30th. Italiano is the story of four very colorful crime families who are locked in a war for control of Capitol City. The series will take you on a journey through the inner working of all four of these twisted families, but our main focus is on Mario Italiano. Mario is the head of the East Coast and the series covers his battles as he attempts to seize control of the city. He will wage wars, strike alliances, and bring his form of justice to the streets. But as he makes his play for power he is opposed by many.

ItalianoComic.com @MarioItalianoUS Lonesomes @MrRyanComics

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