Ep. 189: Farewell Bats, The Threat Continues

We begin this weeks episode by paying tribute to the man behind the cowl, Adam West. Adam introduced Batman to a new generation of fans in the 60’s and put his own heart and soul into the Bat, which still remains with the character to this day. With all of his different screen and voice rolls over the years, Adam has left a mark on nearly everyone who’s seen his work. So come on in and help us pay tribute to the Bright Knight!

We are joined by Mark Schmidt of StratumComics.com to talk about issue five of his comic series The Threat, running on Kickstarter until June 29th. In the not too distant future, humanity is dying at apocalyptic rates. The only solution is through Recombinant DNA, which causes mutations in a small percentage of the population. These people become know as VIRALS.

As cybernetically enhanced humans patrol the streets of Houston, preserving a hellish segregation, those who work for ANITEC are protected in their lives of luxury, while the rest are left to scrape together what life they can in the dangerous under-streets of the city. But there are still some, who will rise to seize a better future, becoming a THREAT to those who would keep them down. Don’t miss your chance to back this project running on Kickstarter! StratumComics.com @StratumComics @TheThreatComic Some royalty free music provided by TeknoAxe.com

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