Ep. 190: What if...?

We try something new this week and bring you our first 'What If…’ episode! Based on the same concept as the Marvel comics of the same title, we will be taking significant moments from throughout pop culture and discussing the different possible outcomes of that event if a few minor details were changed. So to kick it off, we decided to start with Walt Disney! There’s hardly a soul alive who hasn’t heard the name Disney, or who hasn’t had some exposure to the brand. This entertainment titan has its name on many different networks and properties you probably didn’t know about. So this week we propose, What If… Disney Never Existed? How different of a world would we live in without Disney to usher in the age of animation, introduce a new way of family vacationing to the world, and the innovations in both areas that have changed both industries dramatically? The effects run much deeper than you may realize. Come on in and take a glimpse at what a world without Walt Disney might be like.

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