Welcome everyone to our 200th episode of Canned Air! We spend the episode looking back on our favorite moments, welcome some friends from the shows past, and play play our very own version of Canned Air Street Smarts!

We start in the Retro Roundtable by playing some clips of our favorite moments from the last 200 episodes. The journey to 200 has been nothing short of amazing and has exceeded our wildest expectations, so join us as we look back on a few of our favorite memories.

After that, we welcome back to the show Richard Rivera and Alex Lobato to not only catch up, but to talk about their Kickstarter for Shadow Play #1, running until Sept. 13. Shadow Play is an all-ages fantasy/adventure starring two unpopular high school students who become friends. Soon they discover their pasts are mysteriously linked and, through a magical mishap, Bard loses his shadow. Now they must venture into the Shadow Realm to save both Bard's ... and his shadow's ... lives. Don’t miss your chance to back this great comic!

Then we close the episode playing our version of the old TV game show, Street Smarts! Jack and Jake have to guess whether or not our 3 mystery guests answered the questions I asked them correctly or not. Come on it and play along. Thanks to everyone who has helped make Canned Air possible over the past 4 years!

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