Ep. 203: The Prox Transmissions

Welcome everyone to a very music inspired episode of Canned Air! We kick the episode off by talking about bands with fictional personas in this week’s Retro Roundtable. Bands like Kiss, The Gorillaz, The Aquabats, and Ghost have all added an element of fiction to their personas that not only proves entertaining, but adds another level of entertainment to any of their shows. See if we name any of your favorites!

Then we are joined by Starset frontman, Dustin Bates to not only talk about Starset and the bands mission, but also discuss The Prox Transmissions, a graphic novel that further expands the galaxy surrounding Starset. The novel, written by Dustin and Marvel's Peter David (Ben Reilly: Scarlett Spider, Spider-Verse) and illustrated by Mirko Colak, SKAN, and others, is immersed in Starset’s galaxy, telling the story of Dr. Stephen Browning who intercepts a secret transmission from space. But because Starset’s world is laced in dystopia and disaster, Dr. Browning finds himself in chaos as the message proves to be a dire warning from the future -- prompting him to seek help from Dr. Aston Wise, as they embark on a quest to discover the meaning of the message with the fate of humanity in their hands. This book hits shelves Sept. 26th so be sure to grab your copy before they’re gone!

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