Ep. 204: Alan Moore N Hot cakes

We welcome Jordan Kirian of Hot Cakes Comics to the show this week to first help us discuss some of our favorite Alan Moore C in this week’s Retro Roundtable. Alan has given the world some of its best graphic novels. Are you a fan of Swamp Thing, V for Vendetta, The Killing Joke, and Watchmen? Then get in here and help us celebrate the father of perfect graphic novels.

Next we turn our attention to Jordan and discuss the many comics he’s created on HotCakesComics.com. Jordan has many different web comics you can check out on the website, plus some comics that Jordan collaborated with other artists on. There are hours of comic fun and entertainment on his website. What do you expect from a comic company inspired by a rock group? Enjoy!

HotCakesComics.com @HotCakesComics @Radosaurus_Rex

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