Ep. 229: Gung Ho Metal!

We welcome comic creator Michael Loniewski to the show to first help us look back into pop culture history for this week’s Retro Round-table. It was this week in 1982 that Metallica played their first live show, so we decided to talk all things heavy metal. We share all of our experiences in the mosh pit, what it is about metal music that delivers so much energy, and wonder how things could possibly get out of control at a Cage the Elephant concert.

We turn our attention to Michael to talk about his comic Gung Ho.

"A fugitive ape, fighting to redeem his militant past, must battle vengeful superheroes and bigoted humans as he races to stop his radicalized mentor fused with dangerous powers."

Head over to Comixology to get your copy. A 55 page comic book for a dollar? Who wouldn’t?!

Gung Ho on Comixology




This weeks Comic Vault!

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