Ep. 231: ...of All Time Vol. 2

Brian Lau returns to the show this week to help us determine the best movie openings and twist endings of all time! Many of the movies you may expect and many you won’t. We look at films like Spider-Man, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Planet of the Apes, The Watchmen, plus many others. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter if we named your favorite, or forgot to mention it all together!

Brian Lau is also the creator of the Independant Comic 'Staunch Ambition'. He has recently launch a Kickstarter of the third issue.

"As mankind continues to advance in scientific knowledge, breakthroughs compound, exponentially. What happens when mankind is able to transcend their physical limitations? The natural becomes supernatural. Welcome...to the new enlightenment!

Staunch Industries is the leader of technological advancements in energy, teleportation, and space travel, thereby becoming the prominent provider of Earth’s consumer energy. The "Ambition” is their preeminent space station that resides in the most hostile environment known to man, the Sun’s corona. Staunch Industries is also in the business of creating genetically engineered worker clones who possess a low-capacity for sentience. In an curious turn of events, Staunch Industries has inadvertently revealed themselves to be the subject of an outside force that has been, presumably, steering them towards a greater purpose.

Azarus, a prototype of genetic engineering, is a splice between human and animal DNA. Per the organization's protocol, Azarus and other worker clones are created without sexual organs in order to keep them isolated from other clones and to ensure they stay focused on their work.

Commander Rielle, one of the lead officers on the Ambition, was conceived naturally and destined to not receive the same social opportunities as her genetically engineered counterparts. Navigating between the true identity of her birth and adoptive parents, Rielle finds herself in the darker underbelly and larger social implications fostered by an enterprise like Staunch Industries."

STAunchambiTION.com @STAunchambiTION

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