Ep. 232: Vengence, Nevada

We welcome author, speaker, and comedian B.J. Mendelson to first help us look back into pop culture history in this week’s Retro Round-table. It was this week in 1993 that Brandon Lee was fatally shot on the set of The Crow, so we remember some of the worst accidents to ever happen on the sets of movies and television shows. Films like The Twilight Zone Movie and Top Gun are among the mentioned, but did you know that Brandon lee wasn’t the only actor the be killed onset with a stun gun firing blanks? What about the movie Milo & Otis, remember this adorable movie? You won’t want to after you hear the disturbing truth behind its production.

We then turn our attention to B.J. to discuss his comic, Vengeance, Nevada. Vengeance, Nevada is a wild, superhero-horror adventure set in the American West that explores the questions, “What if you got everything you ever wanted and what would that sudden power do to a person? Head over to VengeanceNevada.com and grab a copy, or listen to our interview with B.J. to hear how you can get a copy for free just by sending a text!

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