Ep. 235: Final Street Returns

Comic creator, and classic video game lover, Scott Schmidt returns to the show to first help us once again look back into pop culture’s past in this week’s Retro Round-table. It was this week in 1998 that Disney’s Animal Kingdom first opened to the public, and being a podcast full of video game lovers, we decide to remember our favorite Disney video games. Of course we all think of Nintendo’s Ducktales when thinking classic Disney games, but how about games like Aladdin or Lion King that obviously paved the way for other games that Disney didn’t create. Get in here and see if we name your favorite.

Then we turn our attention to Scott to talk Final Street. Coming off a successful Kickstarter, Final Street is about a month away from being on the shelf in your local comic shops!

"Welcome to the world of Final Street, a place where roving gangs of street thugs and clans of killer ninja prey on the weak and innocent, where martial prowess and brute strength are the law of the land."

Final Street takes its inspiration from retro beat'em-up video games like Double Dragon, Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Each issue is designed as a "stage" in which the main characters fight through waves of enemies, eventually coming to a "boss" for an epic showdown. Be sure to grab a copy this June!





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