Ep. 245: No Words for Practical Effects!

We are joined by Valentin Ramon (co-creator of D4VE and Hot Damn) to first help us remember the movies of the past that could’ve benefited from practical effects in our Retro Roundtable. Suggested by one of our Patreon backers, we dig deep and call out all of these movies who should’ve known better than to ever go the way of CGI. Come in and see if we name the one you’re thinking of.

Then we turn our attention to Valentin and talk about Z: A Worldless Graphic Novel. Z is a 96 B/W pages graphic novel with a morning glory hardcover ONG (14,5 x 21 cm landscape).

Z is a wordless book. No more room in the world for meaningless words.

Z is a funny book. A visual dystopian metaphor inside a song without lyrics, a lonely scream on the sea of human stupidity inside a silly book.

Z is a nihilistic detective of sorts. Think the Batman of the 40’s but naif.

Z is a personal view about the origins of terrorism. Expect some government conspiracies, diabolic corporations and religious blindness. Be sure to check out think unique book at https://www.zworldandshop.com

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