Ep. 247: Cats, Mice, and Lady Liberty

We open up this weeks episode with a Retro Round-table dedicated to the 4th of July! It was this month in 1885 that the Statue of Liberty first arrived in New York harbor, so we remember all of Lady Liberty’s cameos from throughout pop culture. We discuss the obvious Ghostbusters 2 and Planet of the Apes cameos, but we also mention a few you probably weren’t even thinking of. Get in here!

We welcome colorist and visual effects artist Kevin Gallegly to the show to discuss his work on the successfully funded reboot of the comic Cat and Mouse.

Some of you might recognize the title from the comic from the 1980's and early 90's that was first published by EFGraphics in color and then picked up by Malibu's Aircel imprint and ran for about two years. That series had a dedicated fan following and some critical acclaim.

This is not that story or even the same “Cat” and “Mouse,” but fans of that series will recognize several secondary characters from volume 1 and this story is written very much with the same spirit as the original series. Check out Cat and Mouse on Kickstarter for more details and be sure to stop by TheTackyTiki.com to find out more about Kevin and his awesome career!

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

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