Ep. 248: Comics Watching Comics

We welcome comedian Kevin Gootee to the show to help us talk about one of the greatest movies in pop culture, Back to the Future. It was this month in 1985 that the first Back to the Future movie was released in theaters. We spend the Retro Round-table discussing what futuristic devices made their way into actuality, the retired ride at Universal Studios, and what a modern sequel might look like. Check it out before you’re outta time!

Later, we turn our attention over to Kevin to discuss

his show Comics Watching Comics on Amazon Video. Now on its sixth season, Kevin and a panel of comedians watch comedy newcomers take the stage and critique their performance with hilarious results. Described as Last Comic Standing meets Mystery Science Theater 3000, it's a show you won’t want to miss. Check out the trailer for Season 6 on Amazon Prime. Go to KevinGootee.com to follow up and find out more about Kevin.

Twitter - @KevinGootee

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