Ep. 250: Prometheus #3

Comic creator Ryan Little returns to the show this week to first help us make a list of side characters that deserve their own movies in the Retro Round-table! We discuss how sequels led by the main characters offspring aren’t a good idea, how the James Bond Gentlemen Agent aesthetic has run its course, and what movie Mike Meyers might make next. Don’t miss this one!

Then we talk with Ryan about his successfully funded Kickstarter for issue #3 of Prometheus. You've heard the legend of Prometheus before; the titan who stole the flame of knowledge from the gods and gave it to mortal man, allowing us to grow and thrive.

"For his trespass he was locked away to an eternal punishment at the hands of "The Eagle", a creature of Olympus that would make sure humanity's martyr would suffer for all time. Soon Prometheus faded from fact to fiction to legend, but he never a gave up on us."

The story begins with a battered Prometheus mysteriously liberated from his captivity and dying to see what mankind has made the knowledge he's suffered so long for. And what did he find? Our modern world of nonstop pop culture, rampant anti-intellectualism, and a burgeoning classism. One thing became abundantly clear through the noise of humanity's struggles: someone has stolen the flame of knowledge. And now he's going to get it back. Don’t miss this incredible comic series!

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