Ep. 254: Epic Songs and Visuals

We all love music and movies. What better way to put those two great tastes together than to put great music into a movie. Most movies are scored with orchestral music or maybe only digital music. But some have bands we hear on the radio playing in the movie to help set the feeling or mood.

That's where this weeks Retro Round-table comes in to play. We all have a movie that we can think of just by naming or singing a song. That iconic song brings you back to the exact feeling or time that you first saw and herd it. Can you imagine what movies would be like without killer songs to enhance the experience? We look at movies like Thor: Ragnarok, The Lego Movie, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and many more! Let us know your picks on Facebook and Twitter.

Later, we talk more with visual effects artist Kevin Gallegly to discuss some of his amazing projects. If you’ve ever seen Stranger Things, Star Trek: Into Darkness, or Gotham then you’ve seen Kevin’s visual effects work. He has also worked as colorist and color supervisor on cartoons like Rugrats, Rocket Power, and The Wild Thornberrys. Kevin shares his journey into the business and the different jobs he’s done along the way. Head over to TheTackyTiki.com and check out more of Kevin’s art.

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