Ep. 258: So, Ya Wanna Make a Podcast?

Jeramy Kahle of The Canned Air Podcast and John Orlando of the PVDcast sit down and share what it takes to release your own podcast. They cover the basics of choosing your show image and content, best practices and misconceptions, what equipment you’ll need, how to get your podcast on the internet, and which hosting sites are best to use.

Please feel free to reach out to either Jeramy or John if you have any questions, or even if you have your own advice for starting your own podcast. If enough feedback is received, Jeramy and John will record a second part to this episode. Thanks for listening and Happy Podcasting!

Jeramy Kahle CannedAirPodcast.com @CannedAirPod

John Orlando PVDcast.com @PVDMVP

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