Ep. 259: Bad-Ass Bikers & Tap Dance Killers

We welcome Ted Sikora to the show to first help us remember some of our favorite motorcycle wielding bad-asses in this week’s Retro Round-table. It was this month in 2008 that Sons of Anarchy first premiered, so it seemed only right! We recall bad-asses like Judge Dredd, The Terminator, John Travolta, and Ralph S. Mouse….wait, what?

Then we turn our attention to Ted to discuss the first extension into the Apama universe, Tap Dance Killer! Actress Nikki St Clair was the sweetest gal in the city until she was cast in a horror show musical as the Tap Dance Killer. Now, unable to shake the role, this 1920's-esque bizarre mobster assassin is out on the streets dealing damage with a theatrical flair that leaves 'em, quite literally, slain in the isles! Be sure to grab your copy wherever comics are sold!

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