Ep. 268: Con Junkies with Dot Coms

We are joined by Chris Thomas of ConJunkies.com to first help us remember our favorite military based games in this week’s Retro Roundtable. We remember games like 1942, Age of Empires, and Battlefield and discuss why they were so great. Then we look at the genre in general and debate if its a good way to educate people on actual war battles, or if it’s all done in bad taste. Let us know what you think on Twitter!

Then we turn our attention to Chris to discuss ConJunkies.com and everything they have to offer. This website is the perfect place to prep for an upcoming convention. Not only can you find about any kind of convention coming to your area, but you’ll also find tips and supply lists for attending the conventions. A must stop for any con goer!


“No Through Road” The Phosphenes Phosphenes.com.au @Phosphenes_AU

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