Ep. 270: It Looks Back

We welcome comic creator Jamie Branham to the show to first help us name some cartoon movies that should be brought to life in this weeks Retro Round-table. With the trailer for the live action Lion King being released, we see no reason why films like FernGully, The Land Before Time, Fantasia, and Black Coldren shouldn’t get the same treatment. And how about the more adult friendly films like Heavy Metal? Let us know what animated film you feel should get the live action treatment on Facebook and Twitter.

We then turn our attention to Jamie to talk about his comic It Looks Back, a unique mash-up of hard-boiled detective noir and Lovecraftian horror. Chicago. The Roaring Twenties. When private detective Brennan O'Sullivan is hired to investigate the mysterious death of a reporter, he follows his only lead - a jagged, cryptic symbol – and this will put him on a trail that will lead him to nightmarish visions, ghastly murders, and unknown horrors lurking at the edges of reality. Get your copy at CaliberComics.com .

@jayesbee1428 @CaliberComics

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