Ep. 271: Discontinued

We are first joined by comic creator Laszlo Tomasfi to help us recall discontinued toys, foods, businesses, and customs in this week’s Retro Roundtable. Inspired by the new show Discontinued, premiering on The CW December 16th, we remember some long lost beverages like Pepsi Blue, Squeeze-It, and Ecto Coolers, as well as businesses like ShowBiz Pizza Place and Blockbuster Video. If you can remember any products or businesses that don’t exist anymore let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Then we turn our attention to Laszlo to discuss The Observatory, the horror anthology presented by Caliber Comics. The Observatory is the 4th installment in Caliber Comics' anthology series, Caliber Presents. It collects the best of the flash fiction webcomic (then simply called Observatory) that ran between 2014 and 2017, and includes a brand new framing story, a gallery, a prose short story, and an introduction by horror author Mary SanGiovanni. Get your copy at CaliberComics.com.



Then we welcome Brian Volk-Weiss (The Toys That Made Us) back to the show to discuss his new show Discontinued, again premiering on The CW December 16th.Discontinued is a funny and informative look at the world's most famous – and sometimes infamous – discontinued foods, toys, customs and businesses. Set in a mystical warehouse, YouTube star and self-proclaimed “Black Nerd” Andre Meadows takes viewers down memory lane recounting the rise and fall of these fallen pop culture titans, with the help of surprise special guests, “insider” experts, and a bevy of hilarious comics. Set your DVR’s people!

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