Ep.272: Soundtracks with Towers of Comic Freaks

We start this week by remembering some of our favorite soundtracks in our Retro Roundtable. Some of the best music to ever bless the airwaves came from television, movies, and video games. We discuss soundtracks like Pirate Radio, The Big Chill, Halo 2, and The Lion King. Let us know what your favorite soundtrack is on Facebook and Twitter!

We then welcome Ron Kasman to the show to discuss his comic The Tower of the Comic Book Freaks.

"Fourth of July, 1971. Five awkward, young men drive to New York in search of love, sex, art, comic books and a glimpse at the city's wicked underbelly. What they encounter changes their lives forever. Visit a pivotal time as comics change from a business to an art form. Meet Allan Caldwell, comic artist, blacklisted since the 1950s for his testimony to the U.S. Congressional Inquiry. Tour the greatest city in America during a period of social disintegration."

Get your copy at CaliberComics.com


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